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2004 Toyota Sienna
We have owned our Sienna for 10 years and it has given us superb service. New Orleans twice, Las Vegas, many trips to the Rockies, California 3 times.
Mostly routine maintenance, 250,000 kilometers. Utmost comfort and economy, excellent value.
2012 Toyota Matrix
My 2012 Toyota Matrix is a great vehicle to help me get around in Vancouver. Fuel efficiency is top notch. The vehicle has enough pep to get me out of tight spots, plus it is easy to park. I love my Toyota Matrix, and have not had a minute of trouble...
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2003 Toyota Corolla
I drove this car for quite a long time , with regular maintain , the corolla perform quite well and still save on my gas bill.
2006 Toyota Tacoma
Hi There , after 39 years I'm still driving Toyota trucks a. Started off with a 1976 SR5 P/U drove it till 1982 and trader up to a 82 4X4 we just loved the little 82 so much I drove it for 12 years before moving up to a 1994 SR5-V6 ex cab . ...
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2008 Toyota Prius
I drove my employers first generation Prius prior to retiring where I became very aware of the benefits of driving a hybrid. After my retirement, I purchased my own 2008 Prius and have not had any regrets. The vehicle has been comfortable, economical...
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2010 Toyota RAV4
My Rav4 has taken us, in our retirement, to our cottage on the lake in comfort and reliability. It travels over 80 miles of mostly gravel road to get there and spends the summer traveling in the area visiting friends and getting resupplied. We have...
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2009 Toyota Venza
Purchased new in 2009. We have found the Venza to be reliable and versatile. As our only vehicle it must take us to work daily as well as provide for weekend chores. The ride is smooth and seats comfortable and when needed we can carry a considerable...
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2004 Toyota Celica
My 2004 Celica is a six speed manual that still provides a very quick acceleration and great road handling on uphill inclines. I still get great comments on the looks and styling of the car e.g. complete strangers and even border agents. Hoping tha...
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2006 Toyota Rav4
I don't think I am willing to give up my RAV4 yet? It has not failed me and my family and I can always count on it for any kind of trips, delivery, moving, rain or show. I love the V6 engine and the versatility of use for it. The re sale valu...
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2012 Toyota Prius
This car has been everything I expected...... ample interior space (front & back), comfort, excellent visibility all around, quiet, handling is good, reliability is excellent. Sitting in the driver's seat, great design all instruments are lo...
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