Service Department - OpenRoad Toyota Port Moody

My daughter brought my car in so I didn’t have the pleasure of dealing with your service staff this past Monday. I wanted to thank you anyways as every time I visit your service department, I am treated very well and feel that the service is top notch.  As a woman (and in this case my 17 year old daughter), we have to be on guard to make sure we are not being ripped off simply because of our gender and in this case, my daughter’s age. I look forward to getting another Toyota as soon as this one breaks down but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen any time soon so I will continue to bring it in to your dealership for continuing service. I especially like dealing with the young gentleman there – can’t remember his name but he has a young daughter I believe.  He has always taken the time to patiently explain everything to me in a way that doesn’t make me feel inept when it comes to cars.

Thank you again for taking care of us.